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Terms and Conditions for advertising on intraclassifieds.com

When inserting an ad please use the following rules as a guide to what you can and can't advertise.


Public Sector employees are permitted to advertise in accordance with the following terms & conditions. Clarification of advertisements may be sought if there is a possibility of breaching these guidelines.


Terms of Use:

intraclassifieds.com retains the right of refusal to publish any advertisement, without notice or explanation.
intraclassifieds.com reserves the right to seek further clarification at any time on any advertisements published, pending publishing, or have been published.
All Advertisements must comply with terms and conditions, otherwise risk exclusion without notice or explanation.
All Advertisements will be restricted in size and format to the fields provided plus one optional screen, containing an image or photograph.
All Advertisements will be allocated a sunset date. Advertisements for goods will only be published for 21 days, unless the particular item has been sold. Passing the sunset date the advertisement will be deleted, and not archived, requiring the author to resubmit material if required.
intraclassifieds.com provides this service "as is" and without any warranty or condition, express or implied.
intraclassifieds.com expressly excludes (to the fullest extent permitted at law) all warranties of any kind, including, without limitation, any implied warranties as to fitness of purpose or merchantability of this service or that using this service will not result in infringement of third party rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights).
In addition, intraclassifieds.com makes no warranty that the services provided by us, including the intraclassifieds.com classifieds site would be timely, secure or error free.
All advertisements must have a government employee as a contact point and not an external person.
intraclassifieds.com will not be liable for any lost profit or any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss or damage (including but not limited to economic damages) incurred by you arising out of or otherwise in connection with your use of the classifieds site or our services (including as a result of any negligent act or omission). intraclassifieds.com’s liability to you (including for negligence and under any implied warranties which cannot be excluded at law) is limited to the re-supply of services supplied or offered by us.
You the advertiser, agree to indemnify us, harmless from all liability (including, but not limited to, liability as a result of or in connection with infringement of a third party’s intellectual property right or moral right, and negligence) and any claim or demand (including any claim or demand made by any third party or any claim or demand based on negligence) as a result of or otherwise in connection with these Terms, the intraclassifieds.com classifieds site or use of the intraclassifieds.com classifieds site or our services.

Advertisements must:

be specifically for the benefit or financial gain of the public sector employee and /or his or her immediate family. Advertising on behalf of friends or non-immediate family is not permitted.
be for the sale of goods such as a motor vehicle, or household items. Certain items are prohibited by law, from sale. Please check Exclusions section.
accurately describe the goods being offered.
include out of hours contact details.
be accompanied by the author's work e-mail address for confirmation or clarification.
be web ready. Advertisement candidates which require significant additional effort by the intraclassifieds.com team, will not be accepted.
be listed chronologically.

Advertisements must NOT:

be for a business or venture for profit that could be construed or perceived to be a secondary form of employment.
advertise a service.
be offensive, political, denominational, pornographic or discriminatory.
not condone or promote illegal or anti-social activities.
should not promote get rich quick or pyramid-selling schemes or should not promote multi-level marketing (MLM) schemes which rely significantly on the recruitment of other participants to generate revenue.
No items shall be submitted more than once for listing.

Selling pets - Cats and Dogs:

Strict new regulations are now in force in South Australia as of the 1st July 2018 with respect to Cats and Dogs. Please read all about them and make sure you comply.

Dog and Cat Board

They have an FAQ Please read before posting.

If you are selling a cat or a dog you will need to include your breeders registration number in the ad.


Exclusions - Items which cannot be advertised for sale on intraclassifieds.com

intraclassifieds.com does not accept or publish for sale any ads for or containing, the following items: