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Help Wanted!

About IntraClassifieds

Welcome to the new classified adverts system just for sa.gov.au employees.

Survey Results...

This system is a free service for you and the SA government.   It is provided by volunteer effort.  

It replaces the former service run by the team at IntraSA. 


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If you have a request or an idea how to make it better, please use the contact form and send me a message. Please be aware I cannot respond during normal work hours.

This is a free platform and I am donating my time to run it (after hours) There is no personal gain in running this site. I didnt want to see the old site disappear and there was no-one else who was in a position to create a replacement.

Thank you

Please do as much as you can to help make this platform succeed.

Let your co-workers know about it.

Talk about it on social media

Post lots of ads

Buy stuff